How To Make Money From Stock Market


  How To Make Money From Stock Market

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and I do not intend to harm any person or channel…

Hello friends, I have been trading for the last 7 years, just a few days ago I was asked by a person on Quora, which was also reasonable because when a new person takes entry in the market, then it is the best way to work in the market. It seems that because he does not have any information & Idea about the market and the question was "Can the experts who are seen on TV have their shares right or can they work according to those experts"?

I also started with the shares mentioned by the experts who come on TV ( panelist ), as most of the new traders do, but I lost more than profit then I thought and saw that they tell 60 - 70 stocks daily. That out of these 6 to 7 shares will work well, those people make noise for the same Share in the next day that the share recommended by our panelist went high ( Only 6 to 7 Shares ).

I suggest you can note these shares but use your indicator or your own method to buy and sell which one of those 60 - 70 stocks can really give you profit.

How To Make Money From Stock Market

By the way, there are many ways to make profit in the share market and there is no one rule for this and I will tell you many more ways in my upcoming chapter, then I can tell you a way that you can follow with some rules. You can earn money, this is only for until you learn…

1. Try to always do the work in Nifty 50 only ( for Short Term )

2. In only delivery or if you feel and need a lot and your suggestion is absolutely right then only work in margin this will help you to shift your position in next day because if your idea was correct but some global recession or any market when bad news came suddenly, then you can hold the stock for a day or two and can also average and buy and sell after the target is reached, this will save you from losses.

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3. Buy the stock and not sell because I am telling this method only for normal day trading and not for futures and options and in normal trading you have to square off your position at 3:15 pm or auto squared off. 

4. Never think that this is the right time to take shares, if you don't take it now, then never, if one share gets out of hand, then there are many more shares to take.

5. In my way, you have to work only between 9.45 to 11.30 pm, after that you have to turn off your computer, do not get greedy, otherwise it does not take long to convert profit into loss.

6. You have to make a list of your stocks, which stocks are going up continuously for the last few days and are ready to go up again after correction

Now what you have to do and " How To Make A Profit In The Stock Market ", I will tell you

1. Now you have to do simple that you have to make a list of 8 to 10 stocks with breakout a day before (in which two or three days correction has come after breakout), I am showing you a picture for example

2. The next day you have made the list of the shares, there will be some selling in those shares because those who bought the shares yesterday can also cut their positions.

3. So you have to see at 9:08 how much the stock opens up or down, if it opens up 2 or 3% then you do not have to take it. You can buy the one with less than 1% or go for the one that opens below.

4. After the market opens, the stock is definitely up and down a little bit, it moves less directly

5. If it opens slightly up and down, then you have to take it on a little lower (limit), for example if the previous day's closed is 1000 and the open is at 1010, then you take it on the limit of 998, if not then it is not good then like this 4 to 5 shares Take it.

6. If it comes further down from 998, say up to 975, then add a little more so that it becomes average or it goes up slightly as soon as you buy, then leave it with the limit with a sell target for example open 1010 you took 998 But you have taken 100 shares, then you put 1012 - 1015 with the limit, believe that as soon as the market opens, a move of 0.50% to 1% comes in 5 to 7 minutes.

So according to that you earn 1400 to 1700 in a single share in just 10-15 minutes as you can see in the picture below HCLTECH share opened at 1015 and went up to 997 as soon as it opened and then it recovered a bit and this Went till 1015, although later it declined due to some news, but did you want 10 to 15 rupees from it, you got it

Look at the second picture, you will see a similar situation in this too.

7. You also have to save some money, if the stock goes down too much then add some more quantity so that you can average it.

8. If the stock did not go up in that day, then you can hold it because sometimes it has been seen that today if the stock has gone up by 5% or above, then profit booking can also be done on the next day. (It is often seen after a long run that there can be profit booking in the stock for two to three days) So you may have to hold the stock for two to four days.

9. Must watch the news channel daily in the morning because lest there is some bad news in the stock you have chosen, you should leave such stock & choose another.

Friends, there is no one way to make profit in the share market, there are some other ways, I will tell you all, before that we start learning in my upcoming chapter I will tell you everything about the share market like technical analysis, candle stick , Volume, Chart, Fundamentals, etc. So now I end my talk here, if you have any question or suggestion then you can ask in the comment section - Thanks.

Read This In Hindi : - शेयर मार्केट में लाभ कमाने का तरीका

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How To Make Money From Stock Market

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