How To Invest In Stock Market In India?


      How To Invest In Stock Market In India?

How To Invest In Stock Market In India? A Complete Guide For Beginners Yes, today's topic is what I have chosen coz every  beginner wants to know.

But recently my follower requested me that he read many articles which are in parts and he does not understand his language too, then give some guidance on this in a simple language, there are many people who are keep searching about the stock market on the net. , now there is nothing to worry, here you will learn the complete process of share market step by step that " How A Beginner Can Invest In Indian Share Market? " 

But you are requested that this post can be a little long because I am going to cover almost all the topics in it, so keep the patience and read it till the end, it is going to be very useful for you if you are a beginner, then let's start


Some important tips and information before investing

When you are a beginner, then there is only one thing in the mind of people, to become rich quickly and they think about only a few investors like Warren Wafe, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

By the way, let me tell you that there are hundreds of people who have earned a lot of money in the share market and became rich very soon, but there are thousands of people who have not been able to succeed in the share market, there are some major reasons for this which I am going to tell here and precautions too.

How To Invest In Stock Market In India?

1. First of all you have to eliminate the expectation of very good returns and eliminate the fantasy of being rich soon from your mind.

2. Secondly, if you have any personal loan, credit card loan, then you should finish it before investing because it will eat up all your savings and will not burp ☺ yes this is not a joke because personal loan or If the interest rate on credit cards is higher than what you earn in the market, you will lose more than you earn.

3. If you are planning to invest then you should invest only your savings in investment, this is most important because people forget these rules in the pursuit of earning more.

4. Even after investment, you need to keep some money, because suppose your job is gone for some time or your transfer is done somewhere else, if there is any problem in your house then it will not effect on your investment.

These are all key factors because according to me for investment, you should not compromise with your life or any need of your family, then you must have understood all these things.

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Requirements before you start investing

Before you start investing in the Indian stock market, you will need the following things

1. Savings Bank Account

2. Trading and Demat Account

3. Laptop, computer or mobile phone (Android)

Everyone has a savings account (it doesn't matter which bank it belongs to, it can be private or public bank), and if you do not have it, then everyone knows the process of opening, mobile / laptop or computer (Any one of these) also everyone has now the remaining trading account, it opens online in just 10 to 15 minutes and the things that are needed for that are these...

1. PAN Card
2. Aadhar Card
3. Canceled cheque/bank statement or passbook copy (one of these)
4. Photo

Now after collecting all the documents, we discuss that where to open demat account later.

Now you must have understood that what are the things you will need before entering the share market and what things you have to keep in mind and take precautions, now I will tell you the next system step by step :-

How To Invest In Stock Market In India? 

1. Set your goal :-

First of all you should set your goal that why you want to enter share market whether for your future to increase your income or to increase your savings, for a good income to take dividend or just for entertainment or to learn.

If your goal is last then you need to keep in mind that your investment should be limited and start with small investment then as you get old in the stock market you can increase your investment.

2. Make your plans

Now you know your goal then you need to plan accordingly like for how much time you want to invest, how much you want to invest in lump sum or want to invest monthly from your savings.

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Some people think that big money should be invest in the stock market, but it is not necessary if you invest like a premium for example if your saving is 10000 rupees per month then you can  invest like SIP or LIC & you can add crores of rupees for your future.

3. Try to learn and understand the stock market

Now that you have set your goal and made plans, then now you need to learn and you can learn this from the books available in the market or I have also taught in my blog.

More than this you must also read the book of successful investor where you will understand how they invested and how they became successful. You can also read and buy by visiting the link

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4. Start Researching Good Stocks

First of all, you should know about the company that is around you, see their market cap, its fundamentals and how much debt it has, or how it is likely to grow in the future or how it has given returns in the last few years And also need to see the product of the company  

For example, if you selected TCS company,then you saw that its market cap is 11.34 trillion & it's past growth is very good and the coming looks good, this is an IT company and the government is also focusing well on the IT sector, it also gives dividend 4 to 5 times in a year, so you can choose such a company for a long time.

5. Choose Your Stock Broker and Track Investments

This is not a big issue but I have also included it in my chapter because many people have asked me many times about how to be a broker or from which broker is the best to open account, so first let me tell you that here are two types are stock brokers

1. Full Service Stock Broker :- As the name suggests they provide full service like stock research, stock advisory facility, providing facility of trading in commodity and currency, these brokers take some charge on order trade. like angel broking.

2. Discount Stock Broker: - These brokers only provide trading facility, they do not provide stock research, stock advisory facility etc and if you follow my advice then you should go to discount broker where you can save very good brokerage There are discount brokers like Zerodha, Motilal Oswal, 5Paisa etc.

Now you have also opened your account, now you need to track your investment, it is not necessary that you keep track daily or keep laptop open but in my opinion, at least once or twice a week must be tracked your investment.

For Making Chart For Trading pls. Click Here

Keep an eye on its every activity like any bad news in it, global market, Indian stock market, it is also only a matter of few minutes, even if you watch the news for only 15 minutes then you will get all the information.

6. Track Your Performance

Yes, it is very important if you are not making profit then it is time that you need to change your strategy and somewhere you have made a mistake in the choice of stock, then in such a situation, you should book a loss and change your strategy. A new choice should be made with new change and if you are in profit then thats very good, but keep an eye on it, your goal, every news coming on it or globle market.

7. Some Important Things You Should Follow

1. Always Start With Small Amounts as per your.

2. Always invest in good stocks means invest in multibagger stocks and also keep in mind that its fundamentals are not changing.

3. Manage your portfolio well and invest in few stocks from different sectors in just one stock.

4. There should never be such a view on any stock that this is the right time to take this stock, if you do not take it now, then you will never get it, there are hundreds of stocks here for you.

5. The most important thing, never take any paid tips or news experts tips, if you like someone's tips, then the final decision should be yours, you should listen to their suggested stocks and choose them only after researching them. Invest in stocks you trust and research.

6. You must strictly follow the rules made by you.

7. Invest in your future for more secure and bigger returns.

 8. It is said that "Never Stop Learning", but from a good place as I told you above about some books.

9. The most important thing that I told you above is that the hope of becoming a millionaire too soon can give you huge losses, so give some time to the market.

In the end I would like to say that if you have read this chapter carefully and follow it, then you can definitely become a successful investor, I think this article will help you a lot, even if you have any question then you can comment You can ask in the section Take care of yourself and also the investment - thank you

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How To Invest In Stock Market In India?
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